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Emma Original Mattress
Javeria Ammar
High quality mattress!

I have used Emma Mattress for more than a month now and I’m totally in love with it. The quality of the mattress and comfort is definitely noteworthy. I would highly recommend using Emma if you are looking for premium quality mattress

So impressed !!

I love my new mattress. I was thrilled that it arrived the day after it was ordered and was ready to use that night. It was very comfortable right from that night. It supports my whole body. I just sink into it enough to be cushioned perfectly and there is minimal awareness of my partner rolling over.

Best purchase you could make...

Bought my Emma mattress and pillows about 6 months ago, and I love them. Best nights sleep I've had for a long time Very happy with, go ahead buy an Emma mattress, you won't regret it...

Sleeping with Emma

Great first time mattress in a box...Very impressed with sleeping with Emma every night.Can't wait to get into bed now! Wake up refreshed, no back or neck pain any more.Thank you Emma, your magic.

Best quality sleep I've ever had!

I didn't realize how bad my previous mattress was until I received my Emma mattress. Not only do I sleep straight through the night (mind you, I sleep with my partner and dog and don't feel their movements at all!), I wake up energized and well rested. I no longer have any body aches and never feel too hot/too cold. Highly recommend!

Everything I want in a pillow

My shoulder and neck pains are gone thanks to these pillows! They're the perfect balance of firm and soft - definitely check them out if you're looking to up your sleep!

The perfect complement to your mattress

This was the perfect complement to our Emma mattress! I love how it's reversible so on days where my body is more sore because of workouts, I can easily switch to the softer side and back to the firmer side when I want more support for my back. Highly recommend!

Live ur life with comfort, Emma is the best option.

The Emma sleep is absolutely perfect, I brought Emma sleep mattress for my wife as she gets back pain while sleeping in our old mattress, I browsed online and found Emma mattress is the top class mattress. I thought about it and brought to our home which came out to be the perfect mattress which I slept until now and more importantly, my wife never got back pain after sleeping on Emma mattress.
I strongly recommend Emma mattress.

Emma Original Mattress
Happy huddersfield
Bought two single mattresses for my

Bought two single mattresses for my granddaughters snd they love them!

Mattress is great!

The mattress is very comfortable to sleep on and I have no complaints from a support point of view. It's not the easiest thing to manoeuvre by yourself though! Once you do get it on the bed though the handles help for changing of sheets etc. Would definitely recommend.

I can't wait for bedtime now!

Sharing a conventional mattress that is sagging, with a long legged whippet was a disaster - most mornings I fell out of bed with him pushing me out. I now wake up every morning with much less pain and even the dog seems to love it!


This mattress is almost perfect. It takes several nights to get used to it, but each night it gets more and more comfy. I look forward to going to bed

Emma Original Mattress
Monica Valtierra
Great cost-quality outcome

The mattress is super comfortable. It arrived on time, it was easy to take it directly to the room and unpack it. I've been sleeping on it for two weeks now and is comfortable, fresh and has helped me to not worsen my back pain.

Ordered my Emma mattress and it came

Ordered my Emma mattress and it came delivered on time. I absolutely LOVE my new mattress! The best nights sleep I've had in ages! I also bought the Emma mattress protector and although I thought it was expensive at the time its really good quality.

Emma Original Mattress
Lynn Crawford
Super comfy mattress!

Super comfy mattress! My aches and pains have gone and a great nights sleep is a guarantee now! Highly recommend.

Very easy ordering process

Very easy ordering process, fast delivery and best of all the most comfortable mattress we've ever owned!

Absolutely amazing soft mattress

Absolutely amazing soft mattress, perfect for side sleepers.

Emma Original Mattress
Kaye Marie Harris
I am more than pleased with my new

I am more than pleased with my new mattress. It has stopped my back from being in constant pain on rising each morning. I can not thank Emma mattress enough and would recomend to any other back sufferes.

Great Pillow, Poor Service

The pillows are great and as as advertised. However when I was having trouble with my order it was impossible to contact this company for details. Their email address isn’t functional, their phone line isn’t functional. I was starting to think I got scammed, until the pillows arrived in the mail (one pillow each day, as opposed to my whole order coming at once, which is why I was trying to reach them in the first place). Product wise you’ll be happy, but hopefully you don’t have to contact them for anything

A pleasant surprise.

We have had this mattress for a while now and I love it. We have had a few different kinds already and I always tend to get hip and ankle pain. I was a little apprehensive about getting a mattress that I hadn't physically tried but have been pleasantly surprised. It is really comfortable to lie on, soft but firm enough so you don't sink in completely and so far no pain. It really works me.


I have to admit I had high expectations for this mattress due to the hype and the price... and I wasnt disappointed. Weve had the mattress for a few months now and its pretty much fixed me having a sore back all the time. It also keeps us cool and my partner gets very hot at night generally. Its the perfect amount of firmness for both me and my partner and its holding up well. We moved a month after we bought it and it is heavy but has clever handles on the side! Yes it has a smell when you first open it up but it goes away fairly quickly and I personally didnt find it too offensive. Delivery was quick and simple. So happy with this! Thank you!!

Mattress protector

The mattress protector seems quite good - however I have not spilt anything on it to test that! It fits on the mattress well.

This mattress is amazing!! Value for money

Very comfortable mattress
Can’t feel my partner getting in and out of bed
Like sleeping on clouds
Stopped having back and neck problems
Only fault is that I can still smell the chemical smell

Best uninterrupted sleep and fixed my lower back pain!

The Emma mattress is very supportive and comfortable. I’ve never had uninterrupted sleep before but with the Emma I slept like a baby until my alarm woke me up. It’s definitely on the firmer side compared to other mattresses that I’ve had so it doesn’t feel as “luxurious” (my previous mattress felt like a cloud and I loved it to bits, except it gave me constant back/body pains because it wasn’t supportive). The Emma is affordable and totally worth it!

Perfect Mattress

Saw its ad on social media and researched the comment on the website and youtube, and most of them are good! Kinda worried because never heard of this brand and had never tried it before. I bought it on Sunday, and it arrived on Thursday, which is faster than I expected! I couldn't receive any email from Emma, so I contacted them via email, and the staff responded to my question quickly. This is the fourth day I have been sleeping on this mattress, and I really like it!

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